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I originally posted this little travel snippet on my old website.  But read on, there’s a reason for me putting it up again.

A traveler’s tale.

Buried deep in a sleeping bag at 4’500mtrs in the Himalayas I lay rigid trying to breathe what air there was. I went for my usual 10 minutes on one side before the cold seeped into the bones from the ground and then I rolled over .

‘What’s that smell?’ I thought, is it me? Have I died and already started to de-compose?

I then heard a ‘sniff sniff ‘and felt a nose press against the inner door of the tent and nuzzle my hair. Somehow a rather large Tibetan mountain dog had crawled under the flysheet and was now sleeping in the porch. This was no ordinary Dog.

This was Deng Dog, our new guide (our original disappeared over the pass the day before as he had no tent proclaiming he didn’t want to die). Having followed a French trekking party from the village of Deng, ‘Deng dog’ as he became known then latched himself to us and decided we were a safe bet for company.

Having hardly enough food for ourselves we gave Deng our boiled eggs as that was all we could spare. He whoofed two down for breakfast, and happily led the way over the Glacier tail held high farting every 20 seconds. Lunch was another 2 eggs for Deng, what air there was starting to get very rare indeed.

We crossed the pass and Deng stuck around for the next two days, more human than Dog we became terribly attached. In the end we caught up with the French group who he originally followed and whilst he was saying hello to old friends we snuck away not wanting to abandon him to whatever fate would deal him at the end of the trek.

I still think of him now, wondering how he would have got on in Edinburgh if we brought him back. How many Poodles would have eaten by now? And if his stomach ever recovered from all those eggs….


A month or so ago I was online reading other peoples travel blogs. I came across a link to this one.


As with most blogs I tend to read abit and then scan through the photo’s. It was all rather nice, snowy mountains, hairy men ‘ we went here, we went there ‘ the usual stuff. Half way down the page I was stopped mid track and dribbled tea down my chin by this.


A wild dog followed us closely for 3 days over the 5100m Kagmara La pass. In the first village we cross, he lost interest in us.

‘ Holy shit I recognise that arse, that’s Deng Dog !’   I shouted out .

Here’s my picture of the dogs arse for anyone else who’d like to cross examine.

Rather excitedly I e-mailed Steve (the man behind the beard) at Patagonian dreams.

Bit of a long shot this but when i was on the manaslu trek three years ago we too were joined by a dog…….He looks alot like yours……from the back……….attached some pictures to see if  you think it could be the same dog. .. He followed us over the larkya la pass and onwards to the annapurna circuit.  He was with us for 3 days also (spooky!).
 Theres no reason why he wouldn’t have latched onto another group heading around the annapurna circuit and then be in the region of dolpo when you were there………….maybe.?
I know this all sounds abit daft but we felt ever so guilty leaving him and became terribly attached. Be nice to know he’s still walking the high trails three years later.!

To which he replied

That’s indeed very spooky and incredible. But it seems he’s on his way back now, because we were walking in eastward direction. He left us in the first village we crossed into.

I can’t actually make out by that reply whether Steve thought it was the same dog or not. I asked him if he could send me another picture of the dog  but he didn’t reply. He was obviously too busy to waste any more time on such triviality.

Is it the same dog? I’d like to think so. If it is this dog makes  Lassie look like a Chihuahua.  He’s been cris crossing the high Himalaya for three years at least…

What a beast.

Walk on Deng !


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  1. Jason March 29, 2013 at 2:37 pm #

    I had to paws as I read your tail. The whisker of coincidence is slight, but in this case I think you both shared the trail with Deng Dog.

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